The Cazoomi Story

  1. August 2015

    Introducing "Constant Contact for Franchise", a Cazoomi co-creation for franchises world-wide.

  2. March 2015

    SyncApps® celebrates 4 years of platform subscriber growth with Cazoomi Asia Teams!

  3. December 2014

    Constant Contact and Cazoomi have partnered to bring eCommerce Marketing to Franchises world-wide. Growth continues with support from Logicbase, a premier Cazoomi Asia Network Partner.

  4. September 2014

    Cazoomi Asia teams roll out new SyncApps + Cazoomi sites!

  5. June 2014

    Cazoomi expands SyncApps® Asia with 4 country deal for distribution. (Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong)

  6. April 2014

    Cazoomi Philippines launches targeted SyncApps® sites for Asia.

  7. March 2014

    SyncApps® celebrates 3rd year of platform subscriber growth surpassing 10K+ world-wide subscribers in over 113+ countries.

  8. February 2014

    AppExchange listed Apps for Cazoomi surpass 10K+ subscribers.

  9. January 2014

    Cazoomi growth into the Large Enterprise continues with over 55+ Billion dollar firms using SyncApps®.

  10. December 2013
    MINDBODY to QuickBooks

    MINDBODY to QuickBooks rollout for Intuit subscriber is a hit!

  11. November 2013

    Growth continues with launch of Driving Retail - Franchise eCommerce for Constant Contact.

  12. September 2013

    Launches new MailChimp to Salesforce platform integration.

  13. May 2013

    Cazoomi world-wide team debuts at NetSuite SuiteWorld in San Jose.

  14. March 2013

    SyncApps® launches Constant Contact micro sites for over 550k subscribers.

  15. October 2012

    Cazoomi integrates, the #1 ATS, HRIS on AppExchange.

  16. May 2012

    Cazoomi acquires Philippine Graphics Agency, DotPSD.

  17. April 2012

    Cazoomi team tours 4 countries meeting world-wide subscriber base.

  18. January 2012

    SyncApps® for Salesforce platform exceeds growth forecasts.

  19. 2011

    SyncApps® propels Cazoomi teams into over 50+ integration projects per month and 1000+ subscribers.

  20. March 2011

    SyncApps® by Cazoomi platform is launched.

  21. January 2011

    Cazoomi launches SyncApps, integration downloadables platform for small business.

  22. December 2010

    Friends & Family round Seed funding of $250,000, led by the Aquino Family and CnC Partners.

  23. June 2010

    Cazoomi creates 12+ integrations on SnapLogic including 5 private Sync App downloadables for small business subscribers.

  24. January 2010

    Cazoomi launches private beta gaining 1500+ members selecting Cloud Apps to integrate.

  25. 2009

    Cazoomi is founded in San Francisco, CA by Clint Wilson and the Aquino family.