Thos. Baker, Leading Home Furnishings and Decor eCommerce Uses SyncApps' NetSuite to MailChimp Integration

"Thos. Baker has fueled its eCommerce growth using SyncApps to integrate their NetSuite account to MailChimp. Through SyncApps, NetSuite sales folks can now see what their customers, leads, prospects or suspects are buying, clicking on or opening in target marketing emails sent by the marketing folks in MailChimp."
John Thos. Baker IV
Founder & CEO at Thos.Baker

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Scaling Up and Scaling Down

In-House challenges for many of our Happy Customers & Partners are solved using Cazoomi teams. Normally, projects take time to get up and running so that is where Cazoomi teams come into play.

Even with a team of 4, plus a project manager, many customer & partner self-led projects sometimes take weeks if not months to get off the ground, including hiring and training. Don't want to spend the time and resources needed to ramp up, build a team, and then scale back down when the project was completed?

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Go Mobile

Finance, Sales & Marketing Executives alike are raving about Sync Profile status updates from SyncApps.

Need to see how many contacts or leads were synced this morning from your newsletter, eCommerce sign-up page or landing pages?

Try SyncApps on any mobile device while on the go!

From marketing metrics synced to your CRM, Opportunities converted to Sales Orders in NetSuite or even how your Twilio Call Tracking campaign metrics are performing; SyncApps Mobile delivers.

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Do your employees spend tons of time re-entering and maintaining customer and order information in multiple systems?

Nurturing your prospects and customers in an email marketing application takes time so why not flow that data back to your CRM sales database?

Are order details such as products or services, pricing, and quantities frequently incorrect?

Need to know, in real-time, a customer's status or financial standing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then check out Cazoomi today to solve these issues, without breaking the bank!