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Public Broadcasting Service

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PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), the largest public media enterprise in America, has been in the business since it was founded in 1969, providing reliable programming that is hugely different from commercial broadcasting, treating their audiences not as consumers, but citizens.

This corporation is a private and nonprofit one, with members who are public TV stations educational and noncommercial licensees in the country. They operate nearly 350 stations, serving all of the 50 states, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands.

Considered the largest classroom in the country, PBS offers programming to open the minds of children, including those who are incapable of attending preschool, and help them prepare to excel in school.

PBS helps in keeping the arts alive for generations to come, ensuring that Americans will still be able to enjoy the worlds of art, dance, music, and theater.


Dealing with a huge market, it is overwhelming for PBS to serve millions of people. They have proved their good reputation, creating great content, becoming one of the most trusted institutions in America for 15 consecutive years. However, just like any organization, managing all of the members and content to be disseminated can be arduous.

PBS needed a platform that can help ease their tasks in managing their business.


PBS adopted Salesforce to deal with members from sales to customer service and Mailchimp to automate their email marketing campaigns. In order to make the best out of both software, an integration tool is very much needed. This way, PBS will be able to manage its business processes effectively.

With SyncApps, PBS is able to enhance its business processes as it perfectly integrates Salesforce with their Mailchimp.


For PBS, the Salesforce “Account Name” is a very crucial part of their daily migration strategy in their Mailchimp integration for automation to make sure their Station names are captured.


In Salesforce, Account Name has a label for Company name and for PBS, they needed Field Mapping to allow them to map to their Salesforce “Account Name” and the MailChimp equivalent field “Station Name/Organization/Company Name” to keep data integrity.

SyncApps was able to easily adapt to the business practices of PBS which allows them to self-onboard their integrations in no time by using custom field mapping.

custom field mapping
Key Outcomes

Checkbox Field Mapping feature to allow a smooth integration in real-time for key data.

Salesforce “Account Name” synchronized to the MailChimp equivalent field “Station Name/Organization/Company Name” which saves tons of time in manual data matching.