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Motorcycle Relief Project


The Motorcycle Relief Project is based in Evergreen, Colorado. The 501(c)3 nonprofit organization was founded by Tom Larson. Tom wanted to help military veterans and first responders overcome PTSD and is using Mailchimp to get the message out in tandem with NetSuite.

Having undergone trauma himself, he knew how difficult it would be for them to recover. He found it therapeutic to get on his motorcycle and ride whenever he needed to blow off steam and relax.

The Motorcycle Relief Project now takes veterans with PTSD, first responders, and those who have suffered motorcycle injuries on therapeutic adventure trips. These trips help them decompress, learn how to manage stress, and make meaningful connections with people with whom they have something in common.


The primary purpose of the Motorcycle Relief Project is to:

Honor and encourage military veterans and first responders

Provide recreational activities that enable participants to experience some relief from the struggles of life and reintegration

Provide a positive environment where participants can connect with peers who’ve had similar experiences

Offer useful tools for stress-management and overcoming the trauma

Help steer participants toward further treatment for their injuries

The Motorcycle Relief Project used NetSuite to manage participants, leads and donors. They also used Mailchimp for their email marketing campaigns. This helped them reach out to donors interested in furthering the company goals and to those interested in participating in the events.

However, they needed a way to reach out to donors, participants, and those wishing to participate in events without having to manually input information every time.

They also needed to respond faster to questions and feedback from prospects, donors, and participants.

“I had a fantastic experience with SyncApps’ help. I am technical enough to know a little about a lot, but some of this mapping stuff gets so complex and over my head I often want to throw in the towel. I’m thankful for help like what I received because I was able to accomplish my task in less time and with less stress. Thank you!” - Emily Dykes., Marketing Manager, Motorcycle Relief Project

The Motorcycle Relief Project needed to reach out to donors, participants and those wishing to participate in events. They needed to do this without having to manually input information every time there was new information. They also needed to respond faster to queries and feedback from prospects, donors and participants.


SyncApps allowed them to reduce manual data entry, hence save time. The integration between NetSuite and Mailchimp also ensured the successful management of campaigns.

SyncApps helped the Motorcycle Relief Project integrate NetSuite with Mailchimp. The integration meant that the team could easily reach out to donors, participants and new leads without having to manually input contact information every time.

NetSuite to Mailchimp integration
Key Outcomes:

Syncing NetSuite leads, donors and participants information into the Mailchimp Audience

Triggering autoresponders in Mailchimp from NetSuite for new subscribers and/or updates for current ones

Campaign responses on Mailchimp were synced to NetSuite records

Contact changes on NetSuite were synced to Mailchimp

Since no more manual entry of information was needed, the team had enough time to focus on growth-related activities

Enabled them to respond to feedback and queries from leads, donors and participants from different platforms at a faster rate

Got insightful data to help with future campaigns and events