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Monticello Motor Club


Envision a luxurious private golf country club with all of the amenities you'd expect – a perfectly manicured course, picturesque landscaping, a stunning clubhouse, seasoned golf pros, equipment rentals, a pro shop, an on-site chef.

Now, replace the links with a 4.1-mile asphalt ribbon, the golf pros with professional racing and driving instructors, and the equipment rentals with a wide variety of high-performance vehicle rentals.

That vision is a reality at Monticello Motor Club (MMC), a one-of-a-kind club for auto enthusiasts who want to live life without speed limits.

Just 90 minutes from New York City, MMC is more than a race track.

It is a luxury family destination that boasts premium services and amenities, such as professional instructors, track-side support, premium car storage, racecar rentals, a complete karting facility, an expansive off-road course, private race schools for the novice and experienced track enthusiasts, corporate entertainment, fine dining, and five-star services.


MMC has continued to expand ever since it was founded. It now serves over 440 individuals and family members who enjoy exclusive membership privileges. Since its launch, MMC has completed several major construction projects, including a member clubhouse, bridge, several private garage facilities, service center, fuel pumps, karting track with kart service and storage, and a family center overlooking the karting facilities.

While several race tracks have mimicked MMC with their own "Driver Club" offerings to complement their primary business as public rental facilities, MMC is proud to be recognized by enthusiasts, racers, race track designers, and fellow track owners as the World's Premier Automotive Playground.

MMC uses Salesforce to manage customer interactions. It helps them handle customer relationships by focusing on sales, marketing, and support. They also use Constant Contact to expand their customer base and, in the process, build solid relationships. They use it for their email marketing, social Campaigns and reporting, event marketing, offer management and survey management.

However, MMC needed a way to avoid duplicating contacts in Salesforce when email addresses did not exist. They also needed to ensure that when they added or deleted a client from

Salesforce, it automatically updated in Constant Contact without having to manually do it.


MMC was missing out on a big opportunity, which was basically an integration that would allow them a simple and seamless coordination of their contacts, email opt-outs and campaign results. Their best bet - SyncApps integration.


MMC's biggest challenge was the time lost whenever they had to update their Constant Contact manually. Every time clients were added and deleted from Salesforce someone had to manually ensure that everything was up to date.


A Salesforce and Constant Contact integration meant that MMC no longer had to deal with double entries. Their contacts, leads and accounts were synced. By using the Cazoomi Marketing List feature, they can set up and sync a client's account through SyncApps.

In a Marketing List, they can filter to get the Person Accounts (Contacts) needed and add some or all of them to each list.

By using SyncApps MMC is able to sync their Contacts, Leads, Person Accounts, and Campaign Members to Constant Contact. From their Professional Plan package, they now enjoy a 6-hour scheduling and a dozen other handy features.

Key Outcomes

MMC can now save time since they no longer have to enter data manually. The integration also reduces the chances of double entry!

They can create timely and targeted marketing Campaigns through easy client segmentation.

They get timely reports and forecasts that help them drive business intelligence from the email marketing metrics.

Their teams can access the information from anywhere since it's cloud-based.

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