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QSAC is a New York City and Long Island-based nonprofit organization that supports children and adults with autism and their families.

They help them achieve greater independence, realize their future potential, and contribute to their communities in a meaningful way.

Founded in 1978, QSAC supports these families by offering person-centered services to more than 2,400 children and adults throughout the region.

QSAC pursues its mission through direct services that provide a supportive and individualized setting for children and adults with autism. They help them improve their communication, socialization, academic, and functional skills.

All QSAC's programs provide supportive and trained staff, high-impact services, and a commitment to quality.

In support of its direct service programs, QSAC aims to be an innovator in the field of developmental disability providers. They do this by implementing new technologies to best support the children and adults in their programs.

In addition, QSAC's clinical and educational leadership teams regularly embark on research projects. These projects seek to further unlock new and innovative strategies and methodologies that support the learning outcomes of the individuals they serve.


QSAC uses Salesforce, MIR3, One Call Now, and Relias Learning. This basically gives you an idea of the amount of data in their Salesforce.

All of the above tools are extremely useful to QSAC. The MIR3 makes it easy to send alerts or mass notifications to many people at once allowing immediate individual responses. QSAC needs this to provide notifications when man-made or natural disasters occur.

The M1R3 also tracks message delivery and responses automatically as they occur. This helps QSAC know if more information is needed, whether to initiate a call with stakeholders, adjust a recipient group and so much more.

One Call Now allows QSAC to send important emails, texts or voice messages to groups of people through a simple call or click. Now, with all these activities happening, the QSAC team needed a clever way of integrating data from all these applications and sync it into their external emergency notification system.

They also needed updates to Salesforce records reflected in the system too.


Prior to using SyncApps, the QSAC team had a lot of valuable information in their Salesforce. They needed to get it synced into their external emergency notification system.

Updates to Salesforce records needed to be reflected in that system as well. Using SyncApps, they were able to sync the details of their contacts into the outside system and updates were pushed there as well.

This has proved pivotal over the years, especially during Hurricane Sandy.They have since expanded this to their Learning Management system, with some cool logic as well. They do not create records in the LMS until an employee has been with them for a specific amount of time, based on job title, etc.

“SyncApps is a great tool to link disparate systems without writing your own API. Support has been great, and we have been extremely happy,” - QSAC


The QSAC team needed a way to integrate data from Salesforce, MIR3, One Call Now and Relias Learning into their external emergency notification system. They also needed updates to Salesforce records reflected in the system too.


SyncApps from Cazoomi helped them sync their contact details into the outside system. They could also easily access updates from the same system.

Key Outcomes

Thanks to SyncApps, QSAC:

Automatically update users

Sync data that is available and accessible from anywhere

Data is automatically updated on their external emergency notification system

Save time by skipping manual input. In turn, this time gets used doing what they do best: help people stay safe

Can provide great relief to people in their darkest hour of need

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