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Nexell GmbH


Based in Switzerland and Germany, Nexell GmbH, which was founded in 2002, is a local and Certified Cloud Alliance partner, helping customers and non-profit organizations in the field of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Consists of a highly-skilled and experienced team, the company has been dealing with firms, big and small, providing cloud data protection, customer service and support, marketing, sales, senior management, and many more. With their years of experience, the strategies and technologies they have been using have helped organizations achieve their social missions.

This boutique Salesforce consulting firm takes pride as one of the most competent and customer-friendly teams in the Salesforce world. Definitely, any organization’s local, strategic, and unbiased partner for CRM projects.


Dealing with all sizes of projects, big and small, may it be local or international, Nexell was in search of a platform to sync their Mailchimp groups to Salesforce and be able to handle subscriptions and resubscriptions or opt-outs. This can’t easily be done with conventional practices and may only take them much time and money.


As a trusted partner of Salesforce, Nexell makes use of such a CRM platform to manage small, midsize, and enterprise organizations. They help in sales, services, and marketing.

This leading Customer Success Platform also utilizes Mailchimp for their email marketing efforts. Through it, Nexell is able to connect with their contacts as well as those who have unsubscribed. This way, they can inform them about updates and news.

With the help of SyncApps, Nexell is able to integrate Salesforce and Mailchimp.


With an overwhelming number of customers, Nexell was in need of a platform to manage subscribes and unsubscribes from Mailchimp to Salesforce. A platform where they can sync their contact records on both software.


With SyncApps, Nexell has enabled two specially-crafted customizations to meet their business requirements.

First is that they are able to update CRM if there are new subscriptions and on email addresses that already exist in CRM. Second is they can handle resubscriptions. This means that once a contact resubscribes in their Marketing Automation solution, an opt-out flag will be cleared.

With these rolled out customizations, the contact can now resubscribe, in tandem with the CRM Checkbox field mapping when a contact resubscribe through web form, and at the same time, choose which Group/Newsletter to resubscribe.

Key Outcomes

Update CRM on new subscription and email address that already exist in CRM

Handle resubscribe so the opt-out flag will be cleared if a contact resubscribes in Mailchimp