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Murray’s Cheese


Are you a cheese lover? Do you dream of being able to taste all kinds of different cheese from all over the world? Mozzarella, Brie, Gorgonzola, Cheddar and even the infamous Casu Marzu?

You’ll be happy to learn that someone can help you do just that. It’s someone who turned their passion for cheese into a business, running on NetSuite and Mailchimp.

Murray Greenberg founded Murray’s Cheese in 1940. His goal was to find and offer his customers some of the most delicious cheese types from all over the globe. He has a holistic approach to cheese, teaching cheese lovers about the different cheese varieties.

Over the years, Murray Greenberg, a Spanish Civil War Jewish veteran, managed to build a strong reputation for Murray’s Cheese. He sold the shop to Louis Tudda, his clerk in the 70s. The humble butter and eggs shop at the time catered to the neighborhood and to their Italian neighbors by selling bloc cheeses.

In 1991, Murray’s was bought by Rob Kaufelt who began exploring the world in search of undiscovered cheese. He brought them back to the US and offered them to his customers.


Having grown into a food destination that offers full service, Murray’s needed a solution that would help them manage their business. They also needed a solution to help keep their customers engaged and informed through targeted emails on their eCommerce platform.

They used NetSuite to manage their core businesses and host their eCommerce site. They also used it to manage their customer relationship management systems.

They used Mailchimp to manage their mailing lists, automated campaigns, and newsletters. What was, however, lacking was a system that would enable them to reach out to new and current customers with ease. They also needed an easy way to handle their eCommerce business on different platforms.


SyncApps helped them integrate NetSuite and MailChimp. The integration helped them manage their marketing campaigns with ease, build customer relationships and get insightful data. They can now view contacts/leads and manage opt-outs from one app. Their sales team can monitor their leads and customer activities. They can now also monitor targeted emails.


Murray’s Cheese needed a way to reach out to new and current customers with ease. They also needed an easy way to handle their eCommerce business on different platforms.


Murray’s Cheese integrated their leads, customers and prospects information from NetSuite to Mailchimp. Their marketing campaigns became fluid and more profitable by using Abandoned Cart remarketing campaigns made possible by integration.

Abandon Cart integration
Key Outcomes

Murray’s Cheese was able to successfully integrate NetSuite and Mailchimp in under 2 weeks

By integrating the 2 systems, they were able to save time by eliminating manual data integration processes

They can easily manage their clients in one integration

They are now able to integrate their eCommerce data from NetSuite to Mailchimp for better insights

They can send targeted emails depending on customer, prospect or lead activity on their site

Murray’s Cheese key integration functionality is using their Abandoned Cart solution with a Customer Saved Search to find out which item a customer had left in their cart to kick off Mailchimp automations for retargeting.