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MiniMatters TV

MiniMatters Saves Time and Focuses on Hot Leads with SyncApps

Cazoomi helped MiniMatters TV with one of the biggest challenges in the history of business: aligning the marketing and sales departments. Read on to find out how. Background

MiniMatters is a video production and marketing company founded by Barbara Haupt and Elissa Leif. They, together with a team of producers, designers, animators, writers, and others, depending on the project, provide clients with video production and marketing services to help them reap rewards from their video investments. They are smart, agile, knowledgeable, and professional.

MiniMatters works with foundations, national associations, non-profits, universities, fundraising organizations, and communication firms, hospitals, private businesses, major research institutions, government agencies, and prime contractors. They have been in business for a long time and have an expertise that is truly beneficial to the client.


With time, Elissa Leif and Barbara Haupt realized that they had amassed a huge clientele and needed a way to become more effective while handling each one of them. They needed to get more effective in their marketing and sales process. Their growth meant that they became busier. In turn, this meant that they needed to maintain good follow-up with their growing list of clients.

In other words: they wanted better scalability.

They adopted a new CRM, but this only meant that they needed more time for administration tasks. "I got to the point where I dreaded coming back from a successful networking function," noted Elissa who now needed to input each contact in two places: their CRM and email marketing systems.

Additionally, they could no longer rely on their calendar and reminder systems. They needed a customer relationship management (CRM) system that was more reliable.


With Cazoomi, the MiniMatters team could integrate Constant Contact with their existing CRM. Their Constant Contact needed to sync with Salesforce, Highrise, and other CRM. This helps them segment their contact list and, therefore, handle personalized communication with clients better.

Now, with this integration, the team can message clients depending on their individual needs. They can share information easily between systems and departments by having one CRM system that has web access. They also only enter data once and sync apps updates automatically. Plus, targeted Campaigns have become a breeze to handle.


Their increase in customer numbers meant that they needed a system that maintained good follow-up with their growing list of clients. They also needed a contact list that was accessible to the sales team and one that integrated data from all the teams.


They embraced a formal CRM that helped them integrate marketing and sales. They now have one CRM system that has web access and that allows them to enter data only once. SyncApps integrates the data automatically. They can now also send marketing Campaigns targeted at specific customers and their needs.

Key Outcomes

One CRM system with web access

Enter data once -- SyncApps will sync data automatically

Segment for smart marketing: targeted Campaigns based on their sales criteria (sales cycle, purchases and more).

Scalability made easy: thanks to Cazoomi, MiniMatters’ growth is fully supported by their systems.

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