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Support Automation using Zendesk for NetSuite

Meet a fellow cloud solutions provider who trusted Cazoomi with their integration tools. To us, being acknowledged and trusted by someone who knows A LOT about cloud solutions is the highest praise.


JCurve solutions offers a wide range of business software solutions that empower their customers to streamline business processes. The software helps business operations become efficient and cost-effective.

JCurve’s ERP business management solutions ensure that businesses focus on overall profitability. They provide clarity of information and business intelligence that helps any businessman make agile decisions. They bring together real-time information and SaaS technology, the JCurve ERP, and NetSuite to help provide the right reporting and cross-platform visibility. This helps businesses access important data anywhere, anytime.


JCurve maintains an intricate support process for their NetSuite One World as well as for their Zendesk system.

Allan O’Donnell, Support Strategy Manager at JCurve Solutions, needed a seamless integration between NetSuite OneWorld and Zendesk to help automate their support process. They searched for the most robust solution to integrate the two and chose SyncApps by Cazoomi.


With SyncApps, JCurve Solutions were able to integrate NetSuite OneWorld with Zendesk. This improved their sales to support data flow and streamlined their support operations.


Daily support flow synchronization between NetSuite OneWorld & Zendesk.


The deployment of a real-time integration process between NetSuite OneWorld and Zendesk. Using SyncApps as the core integration platform, they can accommodate their requirements in the fastest possible time. They can also provide the flexibility needed to streamline their support process.

Key Outcomes

Improved sales to support data flow

Streamlined support operations

Support comments sync in real-time with dashboard reporting metrics

Their customers get better, faster and more personalized support.

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