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1 to 20 Sync Profiles

Use 1-20 Sync Profiles to sync up your Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Cases, Tickets, Financials and more to your favorite Apps.

Need more Sync Profiles for your business? Upgrade to Tier 2 (50 Sync Profiles) or 3 (100 Sync Profiles) Enterprise today!

  • All SyncApps Available

    Focus on your sales by seamlessly integrating your Cloud, On-Premise or Plug-in applications with your Financials, Marketing, eCommerce, Support and other mission critical applications.

    Bonus: Access to Beta SyncApps used in your business.

  • Unlimited Number of Records
    Sync unlimited Contacts, Leads, Accounts and more to your favorite Apps.
  • Sync on Demand (Anytime)
    Need even more control over when you sync data? Sync on Demand gives you 1 press access for each sync.
  • Flexible Sync Scheduling (min, hour, day)
    Need even more control over when you sync data? Flexible Sync Scheduling gives you real-time syncing ability.
  • Support and Email

The Cazoomi Premium
Plan includes:

Unlimited access to our online
support portal
Priority phone support and routing
1:1 KickStart Premium training

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