Help your back office by integrating Talent Rover with your QuickBooks. Save time by only entering data once and having Talent Rover perform the sync. Produce real time financial reports in Talent Rover that can be easily modified, exported and shared.

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1 to 20 Sync Profiles

Use 1-20 Sync Profiles to sync up your Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Cases, Tickets, Financials and more to your favorite Apps.

Need more Sync Profiles for your business? Upgrade to Tier 2 (50 Sync Profiles) or 3 (100 Sync Profiles) Enterprise today!

  • All SyncApps Available

    Focus on your sales by seamlessly integrating your Cloud, On-Premise or Plug-in applications with your Financials, Marketing, eCommerce, Support and other mission critical applications.

    Bonus: Access to Beta SyncApps used in your business.

  • Unlimited Number of Records
    Sync unlimited Contacts, Leads, Accounts and more to your favorite Apps.
  • Sync on Demand (Anytime)
    Need even more control over when you sync data? Sync on Demand gives you 1 press access for each sync.
  • Flexible Sync Scheduling (min, hour, day)
    Need even more control over when you sync data? Flexible Sync Scheduling gives you real-time syncing ability.
  • Support and Email

The Cazoomi Premium
Plan includes:

Unlimited access to our online
support portal
Priority phone support and routing
1:1 KickStart Premium training

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