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Enabling businesses to easily connect MINDBODY directly to Infusionsoft.
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MINDBODY to Infusionsoft


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This plan has every feature of our Pro Plan with added real-time integration feature in scheduling.

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Major Features

  • Sync MINDBODY Online customer contacts to Infusionsoft.
  • Integrate MINDBODY clients to Infusionsoft as always opted in by default option.
  • Sync MINDBODY products, classes and appointments to Infusionsoft Tags in real-time with an easy to use Scheduling feature.
  • Custom Field Mapping between both systems.
  • Assign Client Indexes to MINDBODY clients to sync to Infusionsoft.
  • Trigger actions in Infusionsoft based on specific purchases in MINDBODY.
  • Kick off an Infusionsoft Campaign from MINDBODY shopping cart purchases.
  • Let Infusionsoft Action Sets take custom field changes from MINDBODY and create a Tags in Infusionsoft to kick off your marketing campaign series.
  • Segment MINDBODY clients by classes, events, appointments or purchased products. A Tag will be created in Infusionsoft for each Purchased Product Name, Classes, Events/Workshops or Appointments. (Paid Add-On Subscription for $9.99/month)
  • Filter and Sync only those records who meet specific criteria from MINDBODY Online.
  • Opt-outs managed automatically in MINDBODY Online from Infusionsoft.
  • MINDBODY Online always takes higher precedence over Infusionsoft. Any contact changes in MINDBODY Online will always be synced to Infusionsoft.
  • Contact data is synced from Infusionsoft only if the email address doesn't exist in MINDBODY Online at the time of syncing.

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