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1) Does SyncApps sync data bidirectionally between my two software? 

  • Yes, the SyncApps Platform integrates your data bi-directionally from your key software to other software in your organization, as long as the data or field(s) are API-supported. Connecting multiple software is easy using our integration profile system which allows multiple setups.

See here for more info… 


2) If I update any fields in my software, will that be reflected or updated in my other connected software?

  • Yes, if these field(s) are configured in Step 4 of the integration setup, then any changed data from software 1 to software 2 will be updated. In most cases, the system of record, software 1, wins the integration war. Yet, in some use cases, software 2 can update software. This is pointed out in detail in tooltips in the setup of your integration. 

See here for more info…


3) Does SyncApps work with historical data? (Data existed prior to migrating data using SyncApps)

  • Yes, we do migrate all your (API-supported) data even if the data already exists prior to using SyncApps. In some cases, the connecting software 2 will just need to integrate first to software 1 then run the sync in SyncApps. Moving forward with software 1, the system of record will update software 2 with any data changes.


4) What software is supported with the SyncApps platform?

  • See our supported software integrations below. If you are in need of customized integration, email us today to have our experts review it.

See supported software integrations here...


5) Can you support my software on SyncApps?

  • The best way to find out is to reach out to our 24/7 Support team about your requested software so they can check if it is feasible with SyncApps.

See here for more info…


6) When will my requested software or enhancements be available on SyncApps?

  • Once the software or enhancements are feasible, our product development team will give an ETA on when to roll out the new software or enhancements so that our support team can relay this information to you.


7) My field in my software is not available in the Field Mapping drop-down menu in Step 4 of the integration setup, why?

  • Make sure that your fields are under the chosen records type in Step 1 (Contacts, Leads, Accounts, etc…). Alternatively, you can tap the “Refresh Fields” button in Step 4 of the integration setup.

See here for more info…


8) Do you offer phone support?

  • Absolutely! Just book a Free Call with our dedicated Sales Engineers here: In just fifteen to thirty minutes, the experts at SyncApps can help you narrow down the right software integration for your organization. 

Need some help?


Check out the options below on how you can contact our support team and find the answers you need to help you with your SyncApps integrations.

Help Center & Email is 24/7 to | Live Chat & Phone is scheduled  


Check out these Help Desk articles for answers to frequently asked questions.

Get Started | Login Issues | Pricing


Every day our team helps trialers, subscribers, and consultants get set up on their integration so if you need to run a use case past us, set up your integration or just have a question book us below.  

Grab a free setup review with our Integration Experts here.




To find your Sync Profile ID or Integration Set Up URL, please press the link to a Sync Profile on your Dashboard.

The Sync Profile ID is the numerical number string located in the URL in the browser next to the "lock" icon and "Secure" as shown in the example below:



That's a great question.

Since SyncApps always tries to sync only modified data between your software applications, hitting the "Reset Sync Process" button will open up the integration and resync all data between your two software.

Our method of only synching modified data is a best practice rather than trying to sync all data each time you run your SyncApps integration as this would take lots of time.  

The Reset Sync Process feature can take some time, depending on the amount of data you have, yet it will allow you to sync all data anytime to true up your entire database integrated between your software.


If all of your data needs to be re-synced, at any time, please tap on the "Reset Sync Process" button, and during the next sync process, all your data between your software applications will sync.

Note: you will not lose your previous settings in your Sync Profile.

What's the difference between the "Sync Now" button without tapping the "Reset Sync Profile" button?

Pressing Sync Now will sync all data anytime you need to yet the Scheduling in Step 6 will accomplish the same thing just it runs automatically without logging into SyncApps.

For Reset Sync Process, this feature will look at both systems anew and without looking at cached emails in the system to then match up each again so you can see a full report if you like anytime by using this feature as by default after the first sync runs we only sync changed data based on the timestamp of the record in both systems.

Let's take a look at a NetSuite and Mailchimp integration as an example:

Mainly when you change things in NetSuite or Mailchimp side like Saved Search criteria for a Saved Search listed in Step 1, Mailchimp Audience in Step 2 swapped out and other things that require SyncApps to review the entire database of both software is when Reset Sync Process is needed.

Other times are if you add new Field Mapping, new Saved Searches, Filters, or Segments that also trigger the need to hit Reset Sync Process so that the integration can fully understand what is new and then from then on sync only modified changes.

The time it takes to process all data is highly dependent on the data sets in both software and the API of the software vendor so this can take some time. To review your time it might take look at historical sync times in the Reports Tab or try to schedule a Reset Sync Process over a weekend if not wanting to interrupt the normal business day integration times.

If you have any questions on the feature or others, please hit us up 24/7 here.

Hey there, glad you could make it!

Have you ever wondered why your integration is taking some time to wrap up? 

Below are some basic guidelines around what is actually happening:

save image

Is your integration still processing and let's say it stays at a specific percentage for over an hour or two?

Don't worry as this is not stuck, but it will take a lot of time due to the following factors:

  • The volume of data being synced such as the number of Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Products and/or Campaign Responses depending on the software being integrated.
  • If you have updated the Sync Profile configuration and selected to Reset Sync Process and Resync Process, this takes time as we look at each system anew.
  • The connection between your integration is dependent on the API of each software.

Stopping your sync while the sync is still "in progress."

There are also some instances that when you might stop your sync while it's in progress yet due note that this might take more time to stop due to our SyncApps indexing algorithms.

When stopping the sync, it really depends on the size of the database being synced as SyncApps will halt the process by ending all sync processes and making sure SyncApps stop the data sync at the moment you press this Cancel button so that we pick up where you left off syncing on subsequent sync runs.

If you've pressed the "Cancel" button and it has been more than 4 hours to stop, then please reach out to our 24/7 Support Team.

Understanding API calls on Campaign Responses why the sync is longer than expected

As stated above "The volume of data being synced such as the number of Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Products and/or Campaign Responses depending on the software being integrated.", one of the factors why the sync takes longer than expected is the number of Campaign Responses for Campaigns that will land back to your CRM records.

Below is a use case where one of our subscribers had been clarified with one of our support:


Each day, about 12,000 calls for a month-long period of campaigns.

So, to help me understand:

1 campaign has 72,000 contacts on sends. Does this equate to 144,000 API calls for Dynamics?

Or is it 144,000 API calls for the sends, 28,800 API calls for opens (20% open rate), 450 API calls for clickers (3% click rate)?


It would be 144,000 API calls as for each email address we combine the open, click, forward information into one record. This is why we always need to retrieve whole Campaign Responses from Constant Contact every time as we do not store any Campaign Response data on our server for security compliance.

We have already optimized it by updating only records with open/clicked/bounces/forwards data newer than the previous sync.

Running into any roadblocks? Reach out to our 24/7 Support today!

We understand that our subscribers might need to safelist our Server IP Addresses if your requirements for integration rely on them.

If you have on-premise software such as SugarCRM On-Premise, Dynamics 365 CRM with a firewall configured, or Zoho CRM, please add the following IP addresses to your firewall safelist so SyncApps servers can connect to your applications:  


The above IP addresses also need to be added to the trusted list if you use Salesforce trusted IPs, Apto without Salesforce Token, NetSuite IP address restriction or other IP address-based restriction rules.

Below is a NetSuite Error example:

Error on sync: Invalid login. IP Address does not match any of the IP Address rules specified for this entity. (Error code: USER_ERROR)

The absolute solution for that is to add the SyncApps IP addresses to the trusted networks list.

Below is Salesforce Specific Error Issues


Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out. Are you in a new location? When accessing Salesforce--either via a desktop client or the API--from outside of your company’s trusted networks, you must add a security token to your password to log in. To receive a new security token, log in to Salesforce at and click Setup | My Personal Information | Reset Security Token. (Error code: LOGIN_MUST_USE_SECURITY_TOKEN)]

The solution is to add the SyncApps IP addresses to the trusted networks list. 

Be sure to also check out our subscriber's story on how SyncApps helped them save 100s of hours per year!


Thanks again for subscribing and let us hear from you when you have questions, enhancement requests, or any issue. We're around 24/7.

Getting a copy of your invoices or even changing who they are sent to on your accounting team just go easier.

We have rolled out our "Invoices Resend" feature on My Account, so please head to your SyncApps dashboard, press "My Account" to get your last 12 invoices anytime you need them.




Make sure that you're logged in as the Team Lead to get the copy of the invoice and you'll see the "Invoices" tab.

If the date of the invoice you're looking for is not there, send a note to our 24/7 Support Team today so that the old invoices will be resent to you.

If you need to change who the invoices are sent to just tap the Settings tab by your Account Information to do this task: 


Paypal Invoice:

To get a copy of your invoice the only way in PayPal is to log into your PayPal account and download from PayPal as SyncApps does not maintain PayPal invoices.

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Are you wondering how our Free Plan works for your integration? We've got a handy flowchart to help you understand how the Free Plan works.

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Let's get started!


Our Free Plan includes:

SyncApps will only ask for your credit card details if you purchase our Add-Ons or our Services Packages. Once you're on our Free Plan, you can relax—let your Set it & Forget it integration do the rest.


Let's take a look at the flowchart above as a visual example of how the records flow to your Marketing Automation Software and back to CRM/Financials/eCommerce.

Our Free Plan flow synchronizes records from CRM/Financials/eCommerce Software to your Marketing Automation Software.

The selected Object/Module type is what SyncApps will be syncing.

If you have selected "Contacts", only the Contact type of records will be synced to your Marketing Automation's Main List/Audience. If wanting to sync "Leads", you'll need to set up another Sync Profile. This is because you can select 1 Object Type only per Sync Profile.

There are options to purchase an additional 2 Sync Profiles OR upgrade to one of our paid plans to get more Sync Profiles and features.

For our use-case, we'll use "Contacts" as the Object/Module Type.

Flow: CRM, Financials, eCommerce Software, which is under your Contacts in CRM/Financials/eCommerce Software, together with the basic fields such as Email Address, First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number, will be synced to Marketing Automation's specified Main List/Audience in Step 2 of the Sync Profile if the record doesn't exist at the time of syncing.

SyncApps uses the standard Email address, so if a record doesn't contain one, SyncApps will ignore that record and it will not be synced to your Marketing Automation Software.

Limitations: SyncApps will only sync the records INSIDE the Contacts tab. If the record is in a CRM Campaign(s), Tearsheet(s), or another segmentation type, you'll need to purchase our List Sync Add-On. Also, additional Field Mapping is only available in our Paid Plans. 

Flow: Marketing Automation Software to CRM, Financials, eCommerce Software

Both new record(s) and existing ones that belong to your Main List/Audience will be synced to your CRM, Financials, eCommerce Software.

If you have a pre-existing record(s) in your Software Marketing Automation's Main List/Audience, SyncApps will sync them to CRM/Financials/eCommerce Software by default. However, if you would like to have field mapping from existing records in Marketing Automation Software update CRM/Financials/eCommerce Software, you'll need to make sure to have the Add-On for Field Mapping.

If you encounter any issues just shoot out 24/7 Support Team.

Case: Can a new record from a Web form/Sign-Up form be created as a new record in my CRM/Financials/eCommerce Software with Free Plan?


You just need to land your Webform/Sign-Up form in the Main List/Audience specified in Step 2 of the Sync Profile, so that whenever a new record fills up the form, it'll land to the specified Main List/Audience. Then, when the scheduled sync runs, it will be created as a new record in your CRM/Financials/eCommerce Software.

See our article here for more information.

Have a unique integration requirement that will fit under the Free Plan? Hit us up today!



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We want everyone to experience SyncApps.

We understand that certain situations do not allow some subscriber organizations to pay the full price of our SyncApps Plans for a group of team members, working to make the world a better, more productive place.

Whether you're just getting started on an integration project or in the middle of one, we're thrilled that you're choosing SyncApps to accomplish your goals!


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Institutions include education, government, and nonprofit organizations; universities and colleges are also eligible to participate in the SyncApps discount programs.

Pricing Tiers

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Enterpriser Plan: $199.99/month

In your SyncApps account, this discount is automatically applied to all .ngo, .mil, .org, and .edu Trial emails in our system upon upgrade. Please note that the 50% discount is applied to subscription fees only. Add-Ons and Services Package fees are at their regular rates.

If you're a Medical or other Institution with a different type of email, just send our 24/7 team a note so we can get your SyncApps account updated for the 50% today.

Check out our Subscriber Stories on how SyncApps helped many nonprofits save 100's of hours each year managing their constituents' data!



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